Aesthetic Surgery & Esthetic Medicine clinic in Geneva

Your true personality is being unleashed and will be seen in balance with your visual appearance. We will certainly tell you in detail what we do in plastic surgery and cosmetic medicine. For a start, it is most important to let you know: everything revolves around you and because of you.

Revealing your natural beauty safely.

Thanks to Dr Schlaudraff’s expertise and empahty, his extensive care team and state of the art facilities, you will experience and outstanding comfort, safety and discretion from the moment of the first consultation and through out their entire medical treatment.

Your inner beauty has to be seen.

Being in balance is key to a life that allows you to enjoy yourself to the fullest. Take yourself as important as you are – arrange a meeting with Dr Schlaudraff personally.

Le docteur Schlaudraff
Dr. Kai-Uwe Schlaudraff

"My mission is to balance people's outside with their inner beauty"

Esthetic Surgery

Matching outside and inside, beauty turns out.

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Beauty treatments

Touching your skin. We indulge your soul.

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