Sagging of the skin in the abdominal region can be corrected with abdominoplasty, also called abdominal plasty or abdominal dermolipectomy. This procedure aims to remove the excess skin and fatty tissue, or firm up the weakened or separated abdominal muscles. For women who have undergone a caesarean section, a tummy tuck can help to rectify the apparent unsightly scars. Abdominoplasty tightens the skin, redefines the waist and makes the belly flatter and firmer, while recreating harmonious abdominal contours to enhance your body image and strengthen your self-confidence.

  • Consultation and surgical procedure
  • Results and recovery

During the consultation, you can discuss how you feel about your body with Dr Schlaudraff and the changes you want to make to it through abdominoplasty. He will then examine your body and make a thorough evaluation of the quality of your skin, fatty tissue and abdominal muscles.

This detailed examination will allow Dr Schlaudraff to determine which abdominoplasty technique is the most appropriate for you :

  • Mini-abdominoplasty, for patients with minimum skin excess, without transposition of the navel and with a short scar
  • Abdominoplasty with transposition of the umbilicus or neo-umbilicoplasty, for patients who have a large excess of skin

Abdominoplasty is performed under general anaesthesia in Concept Clinic’s state-of-the-art surgical centre, which meets with the highest standards of comfort, safety and hygiene. This procedure consists of removing the excess skin after making a horizontal incision just above the pubis, the length of which will depend on the chosen technique of abdominoplasty. The procedure takes from one to three hours, depending on the amount of excess skin to be removed and any additional procedures carried out at the same time, such as VASER liposuction.

After abdominoplasty, patients are generally advised to stay at home for one to five days for optimal recovery. You can resume your usual light activities within two to seven days after surgery. Intense physical activity is strongly discouraged during the four weeks following the procedure as well as any heavy lifting. The final result will be seen after eight to twelve weeks, once the swelling has diminished. At this point, you can engage in an as much physical activity as you wish.