Touching your skin, we indulge your soul

Age, fatigue, stress, sun or skin problems can cause deterioration in the quality of your skin. To help you regain a youthful, luminous, face and flawless skin, we are offering you solutions to address each problem. Through targeted programs, your wrinkles, hollows, pigmentation marks, or dilated pores will disappear. Rediscover a face whose features are softened, the missing volumes restored and the skin texture smoothed.

At Concept Clinic, we will also look after your skin without aesthetic surgery, by means of non-invasive aesthetic medicine treatments:

Avant / Après une intervention de chirurgie esthétique - Concept Clinic

Benign Skin tumors and spots

Imperfections and different skin conditions such as lesions, growths and warts are all mostly benign lesions but have none the less an influence on our wellbeing. We at Concept-Clinic now offer you a revolutionary solution with the new CellFX nano-pulse stimulation technology. This non-thermal energy targets abnormal cells while preserving surrounding tissues. The healing process is natural and gradual and minimizes the risk of scarring and recurrence....

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Wrinkles and ageing

The signs of ageing that appear on the face do not always require plastic surgical procedure. To reduce unwanted fine lines and hollows, and to firm up the skin, Concept Clinic can help you achieve safe, natural anti-wrinkle and anti-ageing results :

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Scars and pigmentation

Marks on the skin caused by the sun or skin ageing, pigmentation problems or acne scars on the face can be treated through skin care using state-of-the-art aesthetic technologies. To remove facial marks or scars, rejuvenate your face, firm the skin, there are effective cell renewal treatments with natural results. At Concept Clinic, both women and men can choose from the various safe, hypo-allergenic treatments...

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