Lumière pulsée Lumecca
Scars and pigmentation

Fractora Radiofrequency

For people suffering from skin problems related to acne, chronic rashes or sagging skin, the Fractora radio frequency skin treatment offered by Concept Clinic is the ideal non-surgical solution. It also improves the skin leaving the texture smoother, more toned and more uniform. Moreover, Fractora can also prevent signs of ageing and surface wrinkles.

Through an alignment of micro needles, the head of the Fractora device releases the radio frequency (electromagnetic waves) into the skin, creating a localised increase in temperature of approximately 45-48°C. This heat generated in the deep dermis stimulates the production of collagen by the fibroblasts, resulting in the rejuvenation of the skin and a clear improvement in the appearance and texture of the skin.

Lumière pulsée Lumecca
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Radio frequency treatment for the skin is carried out in one of our treatment rooms. Fractora is performed under local anaesthetic, using an anaesthetic ointment.

During the Fractora treatment, your skin will be pierced by small holes by means of a device fitted with micro needles applied on the area to be treated. Side effects will be limited to redness of the skin, a feeling of warmth and dry skin. You must hydrate the skin several times per day during the first week, and avoid wearing makeup for the first two days after your treatment. The effects of Fractora, such as the disappearance of acne-related marks and scars or rashes, will be visible from two weeks after the treatment. Three to four sessions of Fractora at the rate of one session every five to six weeks are recommended, depending on the condition of your skin. This type of low-power treatment does not require social exclusion.

Alternative to Fractora radiofrequency

It is also possible to do a single Fractora session under sedation by Propofol in our operating theatre. This alternative makes it possible to carry out a single high-power treatment versus 3-4 low energy treatments. After a high power treatment you will experience some swelling and redness for about 7-10 days. During this time you should avoid makeup such as powder and foundation.