Surgery for men

Your physical appearance is a reflection of your unique personality.

However, at some point in your life you may wish to improve your body image, boost your confidence, and achieve a better physical balance. Losing your protruding stomach, revealing musculature that has been hidden due to weight gain, or regaining a luminous and healthy face, are needs that we treat regularly at Concept Clinic. In men, the body and skin differ from those of women in various respects (or appearance). This is why our treatments and surgery are suited to your needs. We offer aesthetic surgery for men with natural results :

Gynécomastie - Chirurgie esthétique pour les hommes Genève - Concept Clinic


Liposuction is the most widely practised aesthetic surgery in the world. Although it is mainly sought by women, more and more men are resorting to this surgery. At Concept Clinic, we are proud to be one of the few clinics in Europe offering VASER® Hi Def Lipo. This ultra-modern technology makes it possible to resculpt the body and redefine its musculature. The revolutionary principle of...

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Gynecomastia is the excessive development of the mammary glands in men, resulting in abnormally large male breasts. There are various causes of gynecomastia. When it is related to weight gain, it is called adipomastia. It can also arise during adolescence or in the elderly, affecting one or both breasts. Although mammary hypertrophy in men can sometimes be linked to medication or hormonal disturbance, the underlying...

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Sagging of the skin in the abdominal region in men can be corrected with abdominoplasty, also called abdominal dermolipectomy. This procedure is intended to remove excess skin and fatty tissue and, if necessary, restore firmness in weakened or separated abdominal muscles. Storage of fat at the bottom of the stomach can be related to a rapid weight loss. Even with sport or dieting, it is...

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Body lipofilling

Lipofilling or lipostructure is a lasting and natural alternative to lifting that uses your own fat to enhance parts of the body by giving them volume. The fat graft is an aesthetic remodelling technique that redefines the curves and silhouette using fat taken from another area of the body, processed and reinjected into the desired part of the body. Lipostructure makes it possible to repair...

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Facial lipofilling

A lasting and natural alternative to lifting, lipofilling or lipostructure uses your own fat to enhance your face and correct the many signs of ageing. A genuine aesthetic remodelling technique, the fat graft recreates volume in the cheekbones, chin, eye contour and any other parts of the face where it is necessary. By means of this sampling technique, the fat is processed and reinjected into...

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Rectus diastasis in men

The two large rectus abdominis muscles form what is commonly called the “six pack”. They normally joined in the midline of the body. These muscles form a type of girdle, which retains the abdominal organs and ensures muscular balance between the stomach and the back. Separation of these abdominal muscles, known as diastasis of the rectus muscles, often occurs after weight gain. The stretched and...

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