Breast surgery

Breast augmentation with traditional implants

For women who want to rebuild their breasts and get a significant increase in breast size (more than 1.5 cup sizes), or those with insufficient excess fat to achieve a natural breast augmentation, prostheses or silicone breast implants remain the ideal solution. The added volume creates a more generous breast and improves the shape and consistency of the breasts, while retaining their natural appearance. The implants offered by Concept Clinic provide all the guarantees of comfort and safety so that you can enjoy your new breasts with confidence.

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During the consultation, Dr Schlaudraff will examine your breasts and make a careful evaluation of the quality of your skin, fatty tissue, breast glands and pectoral muscle. He will measure the volume, breadth, shape and projection of the breasts. This detailed examination will allow you to choose the type of breast implants, their cup size, their position and their shape in order to obtain the results you desire and which are best suited to your morphology.

The breast augmentation procedure takes about two hours and is performed under general anaesthesia in Concept Clinic’s state-of-the art operating theatre, which meets the most demanding healthcare standards of comfort, safety and hygiene. During the procedure, Dr Schlaudraff makes a small incision either in the lower part of the areola (pigmented skin around the nipple) or the submammary groove to create the pocket where the implant will be inserted. The mammary prosthesis can be placed either under the mammary gland or under the pectoral muscle. After insertion of the silicon breast implant, the incision is closed with absorbable sutures, and a protective dressing is applied.

The level of pain during the first few days after surgery varies among patients. The dressing is changed after 1 or 2 days, and the breasts are stabilised by wearing a sports bra for about 4 to 6 weeks. You will be able to resume a light activity 2 to 3 days after surgery, and should be able to engage in sports after one month. Treatment of scars will begin after 2 to 3 weeks.

The final result of your breast augmentation will be seen after 8 to 12 weeks, once the swelling has gone down and the tissues have adapted to the breast implants. In the first year, you should avoid exposing the scar to the sun.


Contrary to popular belief, breast implants do not increase the risk of developing breast cancer. Before each procedure, either a mammogram or an X-ray of your breasts will be requested by Dr Schlaudraff to ensure that there is no contraindication. After the procedure, it is advisable to be also seen by your gynaecologist, to carry out the usual screening tests used to detect breast cancer. During the examination, you should mention the fact that you have breast implants so that your radiologist takes the necessary precautions.

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Some patient results

  • Photo oblique d'une patiente avant son augmentation mammaire avec implants traditionnels par le Dr. Schlaudraff chez Concept Clinic, une clinique de chirurgie esthétique à Genève
  • Photo oblique d'une patiente après son augmentation mammaire avec implants traditionnels par le Dr. Schlaudraff chez Concept Clinic, une clinique de chirurgie esthétique à Genève