Breast Reconstruction

After a diagnosis of breast cancer, any woman normally feels worried and apprehensive about her life and physical transformation. There is a great need for information and support from doctors and people around us. Concept Clinic performs breast reconstruction in Geneva in collaboration with SONGe (réseau de Sénologie et ONco-gynécologie Genevois) to restore the appearance of the breasts with results as close as possible to a natural breast, appearance and touch. During breast cancer surgery, you will have to decide if you want to undertake a reconstruction, and, if so, what type of method you would prefer. Breast reconstruction helps restore the appearance of the breasts and body, improves the self-image of the woman and enhances her self-esteem.

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  • Consultation and Operating Procedure
  • Types of Breast Reconstruction
  • Results and Recovery

During your consultation with Concept Clinic, Dr Schlaudraff will study your options taking into account the surgical choice of lumpectomy or mastectomy and the possible need for adjuvant therapy in chemotherapy or radiotherapy. He will advise you on the most suitable reconstruction procedure for you. Once you have made your decision, you will also need to determine the timing of breast reconstruction :

  • Immediate reconstruction is performed at the same time as your breast cancer surgery. This option prevents you from seeing your body after breast removal and often avoids having to resort to a second major surgical procedure.
  • Delayed reconstruction is performed after your breast cancer surgery. This method gives you time to learn about the different options to feel completely at ease with your choice. If you wish, breast reconstruction may be delayed for several months or even several years after your breast cancer surgery.

There are various breast reconstruction techniques using implants, your own adipose tissue, tissue flaps or a combination of the three. When making your choice, you will need to consider your preferences, physical factors, the possible need for adjuvant chemotherapy or radiotherapy, as well as recommendations from your surgeon, gynaecologist and oncologist.

  • Breast augmentation with implants
  • Tissue Flap Reconstruction : The tissue flap technique recreates the breast using tissue extracted from other areas of your body. The flap can be removed from the abdomen (TRAM procedure, transverse rectus abdominis musculocutaneous flap, or a large abdominal flap), back (latissimus dorsi flap), or buttocks. This reconstruction by tissue from the skin, muscles and fat, has the advantage of being made from living parts of the body, which therefore avoids the risk of rejection. The duration of operation and recovery is longer than that of the implant technique, because, in this case, two areas of the body are involved.
  • Natural Breast Augmentation with Fat Graft : In addition to the complete reconstruction of the breast after mastectomy, the fat graft can be used to complement another breast reconstruction procedure. It is used in particular to naturally correct defects after breast-conserving surgery (lumpectomy), to fill volume losses after tissue flap reconstruction, to obtain symmetrical breasts or to improve the quality of the skin after radiotherapy.

Reconstruction of the areola-nipple area, the final stage of breast reconstruction, although optional, is essential for a large number of women. By recreating the nipple and the areola area, you can restore a more complete and natural appearance to the reconstructed breast. Once your breast has recovered after reconstruction,, and you are satisfied with its shape and size, your nipple and areola can be reconstructed under local anaesthesia as an out patient procedure. This can be done after 12 months.