Gynecomastia is the excessive development of the mammary glands in men, resulting in abnormally large male breasts. There are various causes of gynecomastia. When it is related to weight gain, it is called adipomastia. It can also arise during adolescence or in the elderly, affecting one or both breasts. Although mammary hypertrophy in men can sometimes be linked to medication or hormonal disturbance, the underlying causes remain unknown in the majority of patients. It is rarely discussed, but between 40% and 60% of men have mammary hypertrophy. Concept Clinic is establishing safe surgical solutions for the treatment of gynecomastia.

Gynécomastie - Chirurgie esthétique pour les hommes Genève - Concept Clinic
  • Consultation and Procedure
  • Scar reduction treatment (short scar)
  • Results and recovery

During the consultation, Dr Schlaudraff will determine whether your gynecomastia is caused by poor liver function, use of medication containing hormones, and decide if additional blood tests are necessary. He will then examine your body and carry out a careful assessment of the quality of your skin, fatty tissue, mammary glands and pectoral muscles. On the basis of this specific information, Dr Schlaudraff will be able to advise you on the matter of scar reduction treatment and explain the health insurance options for reimbursement of the cost of gynecomastia.

Gynecomastia is carried out under general anaesthesia in Concept Clinic’s state-of-the art operating theatre, which meets with the highest standards of comfort and hygiene. Depending on the scale of the gynecomastia, the surgery can take between one and three hours. The operation involves removing the enlarged mammary gland through a small incision in the lower edge of the nipple. The unwanted fatty tissue is then treated with VASER Hi Def liposuction before applying a compression garment.

For men with firm, elastic skin and a moderate to large chest, the most appropriate treatment for gynecomastia is the short scar treatment, as opposed to a “round block” technique, which involves making a circular incision around the nipple, requiring excision of the skin. The short scar treatment is less invasive. It combines surgical excision of the atrophic mammary gland via a small incision under the nipple, using the liposuction VASER® Hi Def™ technique. This liposuction technology, assisted by ultrasound, involves the selective treatment of surplus deep and superficial fatty tissue. With this method, patients recover quicker, and with less pain. This technique also provides greater retraction of the skin, which tightens excess skin. Scars are therefore small and discreet.

In order to optimise your recovery after male breast reduction, we recommend one to two days of rest. During the first few days after the operation, a mild pain will limit the freedom of certain movements. You will be able to resume your low-level activities two to three days after the surgery. You must wear a compression garment for four weeks. The final result of your gynecomastia will be seen after eight to twelve weeks, once the skin is fully retracted.