Matching outside and inside, beauty turns out.

Throughout life the body goes through a lot of changes. Factors like aging, environment, pregnancy or disease can all contribute to you making you feel out of balance. To restore your self confidence, we at Concept Clinic offer you innovative aesthetic treatments to get your inner balance back. Dr Schlaudraff and his staff welcome his patients in to a warm and safe environment equipped with the latest technology. Together with Dr Schlaudraff and our medical team you will benefit from the best plastic and reconstructive surgery care.

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There is neither a perfect body weight nor a single standard model of perfect beauty. It may be that at some point in your life you have a desire to enhance your image and strengthen your confidence in yourself by improving certain parts of your body. At Concept Clinic, we strive to be able to find a better balance between your inner and outer beauty...

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Throughout the life of a woman, the breasts undergo important changes, which are in particular due to puberty, pregnancy, breastfeeding, weight variations, hormonal fluctuations and ageing changes that all influence the self-confidence of a woman. Thanks to mammoplasty, a woman can, among other things, enlarge her breasts to better suit her morphology, regain firmer and more raised breasts or rebuild a breast following a malformation...

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It reflects who we are and defines us as unique. Due to pollution, temperature changes, sunlight, and other factors, such as stress, weight changes or ageing, your face can change its appearance. With signs of fatigue such as dark circles, loose skin or wrinkles, your face no longer corresponds to the person you are. At Concept Clinic, we offer both aesthetic medicine and plastic and...

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Reconstructive surgery

An accident or illness can have substantial physical and psychological effects. It is essential to treat the wounds with a timely and efficient procedure that takes into account the aesthetic consequences. Reconstructive surgery offers innovative and adapted solutions that enable patients to undergo reconstruction with more serenity in the aftermath of these stressful situations. At Concept Clinic, we offer a wide range of reconstructive surgery...

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Surgery for men

However, at some point in your life you may wish to improve your body image, boost your confidence, and achieve a better physical balance. Losing your protruding stomach, revealing musculature that has been hidden due to weight gain, or regaining a luminous and healthy face, are needs that we treat regularly at Concept Clinic. In men, the body and skin differ from those of women...

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