Reconstructive surgery

An accident or illness can have substantial physical and psychological effects. It is essential to treat the wounds with a timely and efficient procedure that takes into account the aesthetic consequences. Reconstructive surgery offers innovative and adapted solutions that enable patients to undergo reconstruction with more serenity in the aftermath of these stressful situations.

At Concept Clinic, we offer a wide range of reconstructive surgery that can be applied, if necessary, along with medical treatment:

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Breast reconstruction

After a diagnosis of breast cancer, any woman normally feels worried and apprehensive about her life and physical transformation. There is a great need for information and support from doctors and people around us. Concept Clinic performs breast reconstruction in Geneva in collaboration with SONGe (réseau de Sénologie et ONco-gynécologie Genevois) to restore the appearance of the breasts with results as close as possible to...

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Rectus diastasis repair

The two large rectus abdominal muscles form what is called the “six pack”. They normally meet along the midline of the body. These muscles constitute a kind of girdle which retains the abdominal organs and ensures muscular balance between the stomach and the back. The separation of these muscles from the abdomen, known as rectus diastasis, frequently follows weight gain or a pregnancy. The stretched...

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Skin tumours

A tumour or a skin lesion is an abnormal outgrowth of tissue, changing shape and colour, which is found on the face or body. Skin tumours can be benign (wart, mole, etc.) or malignant (carcinoma, melanoma). Although the reason for the occurrence of these lesions is not always known, their frequency increases with age and exposure to the sun. These apparent masses can create a...

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Scar correction

As a result of disease, accident or surgery, scars can be unpleasant, visible and troublesome. Although it might in many cases be impossible to entirely eliminate these skin marks, there are several treatments that can improve or minimise their appearance.

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