Surgery of the inverted nipple

An umbilical, inverted or invaginated nipple is a nipple that points inward rather than outward. Although rarely mentioned, the inverted nipple affects thousands of women. One or both nipples may be inverted. This aspect may appear at birth or may develop after breastfeeding. The presence of an umbilicated nipple in a person does not endanger his or her health, but may be troublesome. Concept Clinic performs inverted or invaginated nipple surgery in order to restore the natural appearance of the breast.

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  • Consultation and Surgical Procedure
  • Results and Recovery

Dr Schlaudraff asks about your expectations of the umbilicated nipple surgery. He will then examine your breast, nipple and areola to determine the degree of corrective surgery needed and the consequences this procedure may have on breastfeeding, where applicable.

Inverted nipple surgery is usually performed under local anaesthesia in Concept Clinic’s modern, fully equipped theatre, which meets the high standards of comfort and hygiene. It usually takes between 45 and 60 minutes. During the operation, Dr Schlaudraff makes a small incision at the edge of the areola and gently releases the fibres that pull the nipple inwards. The nipple is then positioned in a normal outward direction and stitches are used to secure the nipple projection.

A special device called Stevens stent is used for one to three days to hold the nipple in place while it heals. You will experience a rapid recovery of ten to fourteen days. Nipple sensation and function, often remain intact as a result of the operation, but difficulties during breast-feeding cannot be excluded. Although most patients can return to work immediately, Dr Schlaudraff recommends avoiding demanding physical activities until complete nipple recovery, approximately one month after surgery.