Post menopause body

Menopause, or as it is also referred to, the climacteric, is part of every women’s life cycle. For most women it remains an uncomfortable topic because it spurs fears about aging, uncontrolled weight gain, hot flashes, changes in breast volume or a worsening of the skin quality.

The transition to this new chapter in life is often difficult for women both physically and emotionally – but you are not alone !

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In collaboration with our internal medicine specialists we can help you make this transition smoother.

Aside from thorough blood testing, hormonal readjustments and metabolic counseling, more and more women also consider the help from plastic surgery to get a kick start in getting back your body and to overcome the undesired physical changes.

Read more about how breast reduction and liposuction can be helpful during or after menopause to find a new physical balance.

Learn about how a diastasis repair can improve abdominal contour, general posture, back pain and even improve abdominal functions like urinary continence.

Read more about various acne treatments as well as our skin rejuvenation therapy through Fractora radio-frequency treatments.

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