Skin tumours

A tumour or a skin lesion is an abnormal outgrowth of tissue, changing shape and colour, which is found on the face or body. Skin tumours can be benign (wart, mole, etc.) or malignant (carcinoma, melanoma). Although the reason for the occurrence of these lesions is not always known, their frequency increases with age and exposure to the sun. These apparent masses can create a feeling of discomfort, pain or itching. At Concept Clinic, we offer solutions for repair and reconstructive surgery that eliminate these tumours from the skin, in an efficient and aesthetic manner.

  • Consultation and procedure
  • Results and recovery

During your consultation, Dr Schlaudraff will examine the areas and volumes that you think are suspicious. According to his findings, he will present in detail the appropriate treatment for your tumour and skin type. You will get information about the treatment process and the results you can obtain.

Surgical excision of the lesion with immediate reconstruction is often necessary to radically eliminate tumours of the skin of a certain size. Also known as cutaneous excision, it is performed under local anaesthesia in our state-of-the-art operating theatre which meets with the highest standards of comfort, safety and hygiene. The duration of the operation will depend on the complexity of the work to be performed.

The ablations of these skin lesions may leave more or less visible scars. To avoid overly apparent marks, Dr Schlaudraff uses advanced surgical techniques to improve the final appearance of the scar. This may include skin grafting, flap reconstruction, or tissue expansion, if necessary.

After treatment of a cutaneous tumour, a dressing will be put in place to protect your scar against outside contact. A biopsy is also routinely performed as part of a routine examination to determine whether the tumour is benign or malignant. Depending on the extent of the reconstruction, you may resume light activities between 3 to 7 days after the procedure. With Dr Schlaudraff’s reconstructive surgery technique, traces of the procedure will be minimal, and your skin will be smooth, clear and healthy again.