Protruding ear surgery or otoplasty

Children and adults with protruding ears may suffer from lack of confidence and live with a certain physical discomfort that may lead to a complex. At Concept Clinic, we can offer you ear correction by means of otoplasty. This procedure improves their appearance and positioning, bringing the ears closer to the head, reducing their size, improving their shape and, if necessary, recreating the natural folds of cartilage.

  • Consultation and surgical procedure
  • Results and recovery

During the consultation, Dr Schlaudraff will perform a detailed assessment of the ears and the way in which they fit in with the rest of the facial features. Otoplasty is performed without hospitalisation, in Concept Clinic’s state-of-the-art surgical centre, which meets with the highest standards of comfort, safety and hygiene. For children, like adults a local anaesthesia, with or without sedation, is used. Depending on the work and corrections to be carried out, an otoplasty procedure can take between one and two hours. Incisions are usually concealed behind the ears, and follow their natural contours to avoid any visible scars.

The otoplasty causes no social exclusion, which means that you can quickly resume your usual activities. For approximately one to two weeks, patients should normally wear a headband covering their ears at night, in order to avoid pain caused by unintentional movement when sleeping. Generally, results are visible immediately, although swelling may persist for approximately two weeks. Adults may resume normal activities and return to work within five days.