Natural breast augmentation

An increase in breast size by fat grafting or breast lipofilling is a technique that allows you to harness your own fatty tissue to enhance your breasts in a natural way.

Performed at Concept Clinic, this method of natural breast augmentation, also known as breast augmentation by fat transfer or lipostructure, combines a lower body remodelling by liposuction and a transfer of fat in the breasts. The results give an increase of about a size / a size and a half of bra cups. The result of this implant-free augmentation technique is totally natural, both with regard to visual appearance and touch. By using her own fat to increase the size of her breasts, the patient obtains lasting and natural improvements without using foreign substances and without risk of rejection. The transferred fat does not modify the volume of tissue producing the milk (glandular tissue).

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During your consultation, Dr Schlaudraff will define with you as to whether you are a good candidate for natural breast augmentation. This will depend on the amount of increase you desire, whether you have a family history of breast cancer and on the quality and amount of fat that can be possibly removed. He will then carry out a complete physical examination and will make a careful evaluation of the quality of your skin, the fatty tissue and the underlying muscles to determine with you the different steps of the procedure and the area of the body where liposuction will be performed.

The breast augmentation is performed under general anaesthesia in the Concept Clinic’s modern and fully equipped operating theatre, which meets with the highest standards of comfort and hygiene. The operation takes about 2 to 3 hours in total and is performed on an outpatient basis.

Pain in areas treated with liposuction and in the areas where fat has been grafted will dissipate within 4 to 10 days after surgery. You will be able to resume mild activities a few days after surgery and should be able to return to your normal level of activity within 7 to 10 days after surgery.

The integration of the injected fat that ensures a stable breast volume is normally completed after 6 to 12 weeks. A decrease in breast volume due to partial fat resorption is normal. This resorption is anticipated during the operation by a correction of the fat volume in anticipation of this natural resorption. The final result will be reached within 3 to 6 months, depending on the size of the augmentation.

Injections of fat into the breasts do not increase the risk of developing breast cancer. It is also possible after this operation to carry out the usual radiological exams used to detect breast cancer, but you must mention having undergone a breast augmentation procedure to allow your radiologist to have all the necessary information for a proper and smooth examination.