Scars and pigmentation

Marks on the skin caused by the sun or skin ageing, pigmentation problems or acne scars on the face can be treated through skin care using state-of-the-art aesthetic technologies. To remove facial marks or scars, rejuvenate your face, firm the skin, there are effective cell renewal treatments with natural results. At Concept Clinic, both women and men can choose from the various safe, hypo-allergenic treatments that make it possible to rediscover a clear, healthy skin:

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Fractora Radiofrequency

For people suffering from skin problems related to acne, chronic rashes or sagging skin, the Fractora radio frequency skin treatment offered by Concept Clinic is the ideal non-surgical solution. It also improves the skin leaving the texture smoother, more toned and more uniform. Moreover, Fractora can also prevent signs of ageing and surface wrinkles. Through an alignment of micro needles, the head of the Fractora...

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Lumecca pulsed light

Lumecca is a procedure used to treat pigmentation disorders and vascular spots (visible blood vessels), by means of pulsed light (photo-rejuvenation). It can correct brown marks related to ageing or sun, rash problems such as rosacea, varicose veins and visible veins. After just one treatment with Lumecca at Concept Clinic, patients already see improvements in the appearance, texture and clarity of their skin.

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