Post pregnancy body

After a vaginal birth or caesarean section, your postpartum recovery is paramount. As a new mother, you need and deserve to have extra support, both physically and emotionally, so you can recover as quickly as possible and cherish this wonderful moment of your life. At Concept Clinic, we support our patients by helping them to quickly regain their energy level and pre-pregnancy silhouette so that they can start feeling like themselves again.

  • Post-partum reconstructive surgery

When you have given birth, you will focus your attention on your baby, but you will also feel the need to regain your initial weight and take time out for you. The speed with which you regain your pre-pregnancy figure and shape will depend on the weight you have gained, the type of delivery (vaginal birth or caesarean section), possible complications during pregnancy or childbirth, and even on your genes, etc. A healthy diet and regular exercise will help you achieve your goals to improve your figure after pregnancy. If, after a while, you feel that you need extra help to get back to your pre-pregnancy figure, it may be that an abdominoplasty, a breast lift, or a rectus diastasis repair might be the solution for you to feel as though you are a new woman whilst at the same time being a mother.